Boni & Wes

Boni & Wes: A Captivating Journey of Love, Resilience, and Self-Discovery Unveiled by Acclaimed Filmmakers.

Helen & Kim, Acclaimed Filmmakers from Capetown, Collaborate with Boni Mnisi and Wes Leal to Unveil a Narrative that Transcends Boundaries.

Set to a moody, introspective soundtrack designed by Rob Brinkworth, with the original score composed by Joshua Biggs, the film also features music by Nakhane and Honeymoan.

Through their Own Authentic Voices, Boni Mnisi and Wes Leal Openly Share their Remarkable Story, Shedding Light on their Courageous Journey as an LGBTQ+ Couple in the Halls of a Christian School in Johannesburg, South Africa. Witness Wes’ Struggle with Self-Identity, the Trials of a Long-Distance Relationship, and Above All, the Unfolding of a Love that is Transformative, Fearless, and Compassionate.

Prepare to be Moved by a Tale of Endurance, Embracing Change, and the Power of Love in Boni & Wes.

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Directed by Motion City Films’ power duo, Helen & Kim, the short film won the Grand Prix at the CICLOPE Africa 2020 awards.

Kim Hinrichs (Director) ‘We wanted to tell this story because we were moved by the bravery and generosity Boni and Wes showed in documenting their journey and sharing it online and we really wanted to pay tribute to that. We are extremely grateful to them for trusting us with their story.’

Helen J. Raine (Director/ Writer) ‘We worked with Boni and Wes over the course of a year to ensure that they were involved in every aspect of the film – from the writing, all the way to the wardrobe.

We created each vignette to represent a chapter of their story by drawing on their personal art, videos, photography, collage, zines, and images that they found resonated with them. We also ended up using some of Boni and Wes’ personal footage in the final cut. It was super important for everything to feel like ‘theirs’.

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