Resonate Orchestrates a Gripping Journey: Siya Kolisi Explores Japan in Panasonic Documentary with Alluring Traditional Soundtrack.

In collaboration with Panasonic, Resonate took on the exciting challenge of producing a captivating documentary featuring Siya Kolisi in Japan. Our team meticulously crafted the music and designed the mix for this compelling campaign, incorporating the enchanting sounds of traditional Japanese instruments.


Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Japan, we carefully selected and skillfully integrated traditional instruments to create a musical backdrop that resonates with the essence of the documentary. With an acute attention to detail, we ensured that the music and mix complemented the visuals, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Through our expert audio design, we brought a unique blend of cultures to life, seamlessly merging the passion of Siya Kolisi’s journey with the captivating allure of Japan. The result is a harmonious fusion of storytelling and audio craftsmanship, delivering a memorable and immersive documentary that engages and inspires.

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