VW Polo GTi – Game On

Volkswagen has stepped into the Metaverse with a global first in interactive storytelling. Playing in the increasingly blurred worlds of the Polo target market, whose lives are a growing mix of both gaming and reality.

Aimed at a digitally enabled target audience the “Game On” campaign has a collection of specially designed NFTs, hidden inside its content, for fans to find through a digitally-led hunt on Social media. First to find the hidden stash, unlocked prizes in both the real and meta worlds. In parallel, the Polo was launched into the gaming space, with the Polo GTI featuring in the latest edition of the popular driving game, Gran Turismo 7.

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The collection of NFTs, dubbed the “Mzansiverse”, consisted of 100 unique NFTs. All inspired by the streets of South Africa (Aka Mzansi). Hidden amongst the collection were 3 Golden NFTs which unlocked prizes designed to help fans level up their own lives. These included Sony PS5 gaming consoles, alongside gifts from Superbalist, GetSmarter, and the Volkswagen Advanced Driving Academy.

Drawing inspiration from the real-world, we sourced authentic GTI car sounds, capturing the raw power and distinctive revs that ignite the senses. These meticulously recorded audio snippets serve as the building blocks of our sound design, infusing the game with a level of realism that truly immerses players in the driving experience.

To heighten the excitement and intensity, we employed dynamic effects that dynamically respond to the in-game actions. From screeching tires to roaring engines, each sound effect is carefully synchronized with the on-screen events, enhancing the gameplay and creating an unparalleled sense of immersion.

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