Dubai Frame – Museum Music & Sound Design

Resonate Audio's Integration of Dubai's Authentic Sounds and Original Music Shines in Stunning Installation - Dubai Frame: A Captivating Cultural Marvel Uniting Past and Present in Harmonious Splendor

Dubai Frame, a cultural marvel, stands as an iconic testament to the seamless blending of the old and the new, while symbolically bridging Dubai’s rich past with its magnificent present. This architectural gem serves as a captivating frame, offering breathtaking vistas that showcase the impressive contrasts of Old and New Dubai. It is a celebration of Dubai’s remarkable journey, from its humble beginnings to its visionary plans for future development.

Unveiled in January 2018, this monumental project boasts a grand structure, towering 150 meters high and spanning 95 meters wide, meticulously designed to emulate a colossal picture frame. On one side, visitors are treated to panoramic views of modern Dubai’s majestic landmarks, including Emirates Towers and Burj Khalifa, while the other side unveils the charm and history of the city’s older quarters, such as Deira and Karama. Drawing inspiration from the iconic logo of EXPO2020, the exterior design of Dubai Frame is a true work of art. It proudly holds the prestigious title of the world’s largest picture frame, officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.

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Incorporating authentic Dubai sound design elements and original music composition to picture, this technical installation was a beautiful illustration of Resonate Audio’s ability to marry Client briefs with flawless technical executions. From 16 channel object-based surround designs, to area based environment research and sound design, this museum project had it all.

This installation project encompassed three sections – the Past and Future Zone areas, made up of projected content, married with lighting and object theatres, as well as a dedicated recreation of a traditional courtyard and market.

An awe-inspiring immersive wrap-around theatre experience. Harnessing our expertise in spatial music and sound design, Resonate has crafted a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries and transports visitors to an extraordinary realm. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional Emirati music, the musical composition takes on an electronic and futuristic abstraction, merging the past with the boundless possibilities of tomorrow.

Every carefully crafted sound in the design of this extraordinary zone captures the essence of a visionary metropolis. The bustling city of the future comes alive as flying cars gracefully glide through the sky, drones hum in synchrony, and the Hyperloop’s futuristic whirr echoes through the immersive space. 

Through the artistry of scenographic sound design, Resonate has meticulously curated an auditory masterpiece that transcends time and transports guests to bygone eras, breathing life into a vivid tapestry of sound. The soundscape has been carefully crafted to transport guests to a bygone era, evoking a sense of nostalgia and fostering a deep connection with the city’s storied past.


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